Day 1 Gratitude Photo Challenge – Home

So today is the first day of the new photo challenge. It was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be; I found it very thought provoking. The subject was: Home. The longer prompt from Positively Present website, where I found the challenge is: DAY 1: HOME They say home is where the heart […]

The End of the Photo Challenge :(

I am genuinely sad that this challenge has finished. I have taken photos of things I never would have thought of (peas!!) and have also learnt a few tricks with my camera. Thank you Two Everyday Divas for hosting the challenge; and Monkey & Squish for participating as well. It has been lovely to see […]

Day 25 & 26 – Strangers and Close-Up

Strangers I found really hard. Couldn’t think of anything. So here it is, relevant because although we’ve lived in our road for nearly a year now, we haven’t really spoken to any of our neighbours Our street is full of  ‘strangers’.     ‘Close-up’ is a challenge I can really get into. If I could […]

Day 9 – Someone You Love

Predictably I’ve taken a photo of my husband. But he didn’t want to be in the picture and hid behind his book! Bloody pain. Nice pic of the book anyway. 🙂 ‘Childhood Memory’ tomorrow. That’ll take some thought… Check out TwoEverydayDivas and  Monkey&Squish for their photos. 🙂

Day 8 – Routine

This picture epitomises my routines: meal plans; shopping; and to do lists for the weekend!     Check out TwoEverydayDivas  and Monkey&Squish for their ‘Routine’ photos. 🙂 Tomorrow’s challenge is ‘Someone You Love’. I wonder if Hubby will let me take a pic of him?  

Day 7 – Changes to Come

I found this really hard. ‘Changes to Come’ could mean so many things. The most important person in my life is changing so quickly and will continue to do so. I took a photo of my 5 month old son. Check out tomorrow for a ‘Routine’ picture. Monkey & Squish and Two Everyday Divas have […]