Day 30 – Self-Portrait

Well, I thought seeing as it’s the last day, I would take a self-portrait where you can actually see my face(ish).     I took it on my phone because it has a function where it turns the camera inwards so you can see yourself (very useful for touching up make-up). Tomorrow I’ll post a […]

Day 29 – Black & White

Thanks to this challenge I finally bothered to look up how to change the settings to black and white on my camera. I learned something!! 🙂 These are the (not very impressive) pictures I took with my new found skill:   Tomorrow’s the last day. 😦 The challenge is ‘self-portrait’. Check out Two Everyday Divas […]

Day 28 – Flowers

I can’t believe there are only 2 days left of this challenge. I’ve enjoyed it so much. I will have to find something similar to do to keep myself focused and challenged. 🙂 My various flowers pics:     Two Everyday Divas and Monkey & Squish have posted flowers pictures too! 🙂 Tomorrow’s challenge is […]

Days 21, 22 & 23 – 30 Day Photog Challenge

Sorry for the lack of posts. Have had a tough few days. Here’s my catch up for the photography challenge. 🙂 – Day 21 – Faceless Self-Portrait: Almost faceless! Day 22 – Inspirational: This was a picture I took a while ago at Glen Doll in Scotland. It’s the most beautiful place, and I find […]

Day 17 – Technology

A quick scout around my living room produced this fairly impressive list of technology: Television XBox Wii FreeSat Box Telephone My mobile phone Hubby’s mobile phone My Laptop Hubby’s laptop My point and shoot camera Hubby’s camera Baby monitor Various controllers and remote controls That list only includes things I could fit in the photograph. […]

Day 16 – A Good Habit

Wow…I must not have very many good habits, because I found this really difficult. In the end I decided that drinking a lot of water was probably my one ‘Good Habit’.     I am enjoying doing this challenge so much. It’s really interesting seeing how Two Everyday Divas, Monkey & Squish, and I interpret […]

Day 12 – Sunset

I’m really surprised I managed to get any photo at all of the sky at sunset because 2 minutes before it was absolutely pouring with rain! I’m quite pleased with it though. I like that you can see the pink of the sun setting behind the clouds.  ‘Cannot Live Without’ is tomorrow’s theme. There are so many things and people […]