Day 29 – Black & White

Thanks to this challenge I finally bothered to look up how to change the settings to black and white on my camera. I learned something!! 🙂

These are the (not very impressive) pictures I took with my new found skill:

My watering can (again!)

My watering can (again!)

Some of my books :)

Some of my books 🙂


Tomorrow’s the last day. 😦 The challenge is ‘self-portrait’.

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Day 28 – Flowers

I can’t believe there are only 2 days left of this challenge. I’ve enjoyed it so much. I will have to find something similar to do to keep myself focused and challenged. 🙂

My various flowers pics:


IMG_2283 IMG_2286 IMG_2287 IMG_2352


Two Everyday Divas and Monkey & Squish have posted flowers pictures too! 🙂

Tomorrow’s challenge is Black & White.


Day 27 – Celebration

My tummy celebrated when my eyes saw my favourite type of dinner. Bread and cheese and olives etc. Yummy!!



It’s so easy to overeat with this type of meal, but I didn’t do too badly. I did have a little pudding as well though. 😉

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Tomorrow is ‘Flowers’. A challenge I won’t have a problem with; I love photographing flowers. 🙂

Day 25 & 26 – Strangers and Close-Up

Strangers I found really hard. Couldn’t think of anything. So here it is, relevant because although we’ve lived in our road for nearly a year now, we haven’t really spoken to any of our neighbours Our street is full of  ‘strangers’.




‘Close-up’ is a challenge I can really get into. If I could afford it I would buy a macro lens and only take pictures with that!

I couldn’t pick one photo so here’s a few:



This week's main story in our local newspaper

This week’s main story in our local newspaper

My wedding bouquet (which I made myself :) )

My wedding bouquet (which I made myself 🙂 )

My gorgeous son

My gorgeous son


Tomorrow is ‘celebration’. 🙂

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Day 24 – Animals

I think I may have interpreted this slightly differently to other people!


These are my sons animal toys. 🙂 Nice and colourful.

Check out Two Everyday Divas and Monkey & Squish.

Tomorrow is ‘strangers’. Mmmm…should be interesting. Can’t see me asking a stranger if I can photograph them!

Days 21, 22 & 23 – 30 Day Photog Challenge

Sorry for the lack of posts. Have had a tough few days.

Here’s my catch up for the photography challenge. 🙂 –

Day 21 – Faceless Self-Portrait:

self p

Almost faceless!

Day 22 – Inspirational:

Glen Doll (16)This was a picture I took a while ago at Glen Doll in Scotland. It’s the most beautiful place, and I find it inspirational. 🙂


Day 23 – Patterns:



I’ll try and post everyday again now. 🙂

Don’t forget to check out Two Everyday Divas and Monkey & Squish.

Tomorrow is ‘Animal’.



Day 20 – In My Bag

Average handbag contents I think…just noticed I left my phone out. :/ I always check before I leave the house: phone, keys, purse!


The sunglasses were a new addition today. It was a beautiful sunny day!! At last! 🙂

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Tomorrow is ‘Faceless Self Portrait’. Tough one.

Day 19 – Something You Want

More than anything I don’t want to be overweight on my 30th Birthday (August this year!). I bought this dress to inspire me; I hope to wear it on my Birthday, but I need to drop at least 2 dress sizes first. :/


If you read my earlier post you will be aware that I am not making this ambition easy for myself by eating takeaway pizza tonight. But tomorrow is another day! 🙂

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Tomorrow’s challenge is ‘In My Bag’.


Day 18 – Your Shoes

These are my go-to boots; I’ve been wearing them all winter and they seem to go with everything from jeans to dresses. I suppose as spring has finally decided to make an appearance I’ll have to pick a new favourite; but they’ve been so versatile they deserved a picture. 🙂



Tomorrow is ‘Something You Want’. Oh there are so many things…

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Day 17 – Technology

A quick scout around my living room produced this fairly impressive list of technology:

  • Television
  • XBox
  • Wii
  • FreeSat Box
  • Telephone
  • My mobile phone
  • Hubby’s mobile phone
  • My Laptop
  • Hubby’s laptop
  • My point and shoot camera
  • Hubby’s camera
  • Baby monitor
  • Various controllers and remote controls

That list only includes things I could fit in the photograph. There are digital photo frames and plenty of baby toys that make use of modern technology. Plus the camera I actually took the picture with!


I can’t believe we keep so much just in one room! My husband’s a bit of a computer geek though, and I suppose his interest in it has rubbed off on me. Without him I never would have started this blog!

Check out Two Everyday Divas and Monkey & Squish for their interpretation of ‘Technology’.

Visit again tomorrow for ‘Your Shoes’. Or more specifically ‘my shoes’. 🙂

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