Butterfly World

You may well expect to find this post full of pictures of beautiful butterflies. I fully intended it to be exactly that. Except I when I got to the butterfly house I couldn’t go in.

Was it closed I hear you ask? Did your legs stop working? No, to both.

My husband and baby boy went in while I stood outside, heart beating at twice what it should. You see, I’m scared of butterflies. Well not scared. I love butterflies; I just don’t want them landing on me! So I had to make myself look like a complete idiot by backing out past a queue of people excusing myself for my wimpiness (not a real word?). 😦

Before the embarrassing exit from the butterfly house, the rest of Butterfly World in St Albans is lovely. Lots of different gardens to explore. Lots of giant things that make you feel like a child again. And a rather nice cafe. Here are some of the pics I took:

IMG_2605 IMG_2618 IMG_2623 IMG_2645 IMG_2650 IMG_2652 IMG_2654 IMG_2681 IMG_2685 IMG_2687


I could have posted twice as many; but have just picked my favourites. 🙂

I love the over grown desk and chair. And also the upside down tree against the sky. Which is your favourite?

Thanks for looking.



2 thoughts on “Butterfly World

  1. I love the tree with the bright sunshine in the background best but these are great pics. I’m sorry you experienced fear over the butterflies. I myself have arachnophobia and can’t stand the sight of a spider much less…eww the thoughts of one on me. So I sympathize!

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