Day 25 & 26 – Strangers and Close-Up

Strangers I found really hard. Couldn’t think of anything. So here it is, relevant because although we’ve lived in our road for nearly a year now, we haven’t really spoken to any of our neighbours Our street is full of  ‘strangers’.




‘Close-up’ is a challenge I can really get into. If I could afford it I would buy a macro lens and only take pictures with that!

I couldn’t pick one photo so here’s a few:



This week's main story in our local newspaper

This week’s main story in our local newspaper

My wedding bouquet (which I made myself :) )

My wedding bouquet (which I made myself 🙂 )

My gorgeous son

My gorgeous son


Tomorrow is ‘celebration’. 🙂

Check out Two Everyday Divas and Monkey & Squish for their pics.



5 thoughts on “Day 25 & 26 – Strangers and Close-Up

  1. Thank you. I’ve got a Canon 550D. Just using the normal lens, automatic settings, with the camera on macro. But as I said in the post I would love a macro lens. Close-up is my favourite type of photography. 🙂 I really need to learn how to use the camera properly though, I can still only use the various automatic settings. :/

  2. Love these close-ups! What kind of camera do you use? (however, I know it’s more about “the eye” of the photographer). Currently, I have a Canon point & shoot, but am wanting to find something with more options… 🙂

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