Day 17 – Technology

A quick scout around my living room produced this fairly impressive list of technology:

  • Television
  • XBox
  • Wii
  • FreeSat Box
  • Telephone
  • My mobile phone
  • Hubby’s mobile phone
  • My Laptop
  • Hubby’s laptop
  • My point and shoot camera
  • Hubby’s camera
  • Baby monitor
  • Various controllers and remote controls

That list only includes things I could fit in the photograph. There are digital photo frames and plenty of baby toys that make use of modern technology. Plus the camera I actually took the picture with!


I can’t believe we keep so much just in one room! My husband’s a bit of a computer geek though, and I suppose his interest in it has rubbed off on me. Without him I never would have started this blog!

Check out Two Everyday Divas and Monkey & Squish for their interpretation of ‘Technology’.

Visit again tomorrow for ‘Your Shoes’. Or more specifically ‘my shoes’. 🙂


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