Day 13 – Cannot Live Without

I thought about this long and hard and it probably should have been my husband or baby or Mum: but I already have a pic of the first two on here and there’s no way my Mum would let me post a photo of her online (and she doesn’t know about the blog!).

So apart from people I couldn’t live without I decided the one thing (aside from essentials like food and water) I really really would be lost without is make-up. I will not leave the house without make-up on, I think because I had adult acne in my early twenties I became paranoid about it, and that feeling has never left me.

I’m a creature of habit and have a very specific order that I apply my make-up, which is: skin illuminator; foundation; concealer; powder; eye-shadow; blusher/bronzer; curl lashes (20 seconds each eye!); eye-liner; mascara and lipgloss/lipsalve. I can be barefaced to presentable in under 10 minutes. Impressive I know.

Here’s a picture of the products I use everyday:


If you’re eagle-eyed enough to spot the white bars in the background, I’m not in a very well decorated prison, that’s baby boy’s crib in my bedroom. 🙂

Tomorrow is ‘Eyes’. That will be a challenge I think.

Check out Two Everyday Divas and Monkey & Squish for their photo challenge photos.


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