Day 10 – Childhood Memory

Unfortunately I am old enough to remember video games in the days when you couldn’t save your game and go back to it. Many a long night was spent trying to complete Sonic the Hedgehog (with all the crystals!). Echo the Dolphin I could never get on with. Has there ever been a harder game? Similarly with Alex Kidd and Flicky; you got past the first couple of levels, felt you were doing really well, then lost all your lives and that was it…back to the beginning. No saved game 😦 All that hard work for nothing! I’m sure there are people reading this who remember the pain, the wasted hours. The childhood memories…

Why did Sonic always look so judgemental when he was waiting for you?

Why did Sonic always look so judgemental when he was waiting for you?

From age 8 to about 12 the Sega Mega Drive was one of my best friends!!

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6 thoughts on “Day 10 – Childhood Memory

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  2. Sega all the way. I didn’t own a Nintendo until the Wii came out. And my husband deeply disapproves of the Wii as he’s a serious gamer and loyal to the Xbox! 🙂

  3. I believe I was around at the beginning of the game “era” with the Atari. Like you said the games would not be saved so this is possibly when I became obsessive as well:) I played Missile Command until my score reached one million one day! I never played it again, lol.

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