Day 6 – Obsession

Well I haven’t talked about this much here on my blog, but if you knew me in ‘real life’ it would be hard for you not to notice that, I LOVE books. I manage a book shop (when I’m not on maternity leave); and collecting and reading books is a massive part of my identity. The following photo is of my ‘to be read’ bookcase:

To be read - if only I had the time...

To be read – if only I had the time…

I also have a Kindle on which I collect even more books ‘to be read’. Occasionally I even read them! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Day 6 – Obsession

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  2. I can’t part with books, I have several bookcases of books that I’ve read. I love to just look at them! That’s what makes me uncomfortable about the Kindle; you can’t browse in the same way, remembering which books you loved or whatever. Although I buy ebooks I’m still addicted to ‘real’ books and bought 5 just yesterday. Who knows when I’ll get round to reading them with a 5 month old to look after! 🙂

  3. Ooooh, I see lots of interesting things on that shelf! Nice!

    I made the switch to electronic reading a few years ago. With every move I’ve gotten rid of more and more books, but it makes me a little sad that people who visit will think my father’s books are indicative of what I like to read. :/

  4. I love reading too. I switched to Kindle about a year ago and love it. Never thought I’d give up my book collection but we’ve moved several times, downsizing each time so it was for the best.

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